Be wary of cougars

BE ADVISED this photo was taken on Burke Mountain not far from our archery trails. Young cougars who are searching for territory and are inexperienced hunters could represent a threat to people. Pay attention to your surroundings, mind your children and pets. REPORT any cougar sightings to a range officer and to the office.

Mandatory deer head submission in the Kootenay Region

The B.C. government has posted the following new requirements for ungulate hunters in the Kootenay Region (4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5, 4-6 and 4-7)  because of the appearance of a case of Chronic Wasting Disease across the border in Montana. The provincial Wildlife Health Program is calling on all hunters, especially those in the Peace…

Space available this weekend for C.O.R.E

There is room in this weekend’s C.O.R.E hunting course. If you are interested in getting your hunting license for this fall now would be a good time to do the course. Spaces open this Saturday/Sunday. Pay at the office or come to the Trap House with cash. For more information on the course click here.

Range 10 is now open to RUC-certified members

In response to member inquiries, the Executive Committee has decided to allow Range User Course certified members to shoot on Range 10 the same as they do on the lower ranges (R3-R6). Although a long-standing request, the concern has always been that Range 10’s shots can overlap on the end of Range 7 which would…

New conservation lands regulations affecting wetlands

Amendments to the Wildlife Act Wildlife Management Area Use and Access Regulation which governs public use of lands marked for conservation have been made. As you can read from this article, there are now restrictions on camping, access and rules around dogs in these lands to protect habitat and wildlife in the following areas: Bert Brink…